ITIEMME is a service for quality production knitwear  at private label man / woman  

we can realize and manage entire linees from the production of the collection to the delivery

of productions simply starting from a sketch, we are specialized in the processing of fine yarns as Silk, Cashmere, Merino and Cotton  pure and mixed, we collaborate with all the best Italian yarn factory and it is possible to search yarns  to improve customer service.



Our structure is divided into two departments, one for sampling (managed internally) and a second for production managed externally, constantly followed by our quality control in artisan laboratories with thirty years of experience to which we have also entrusted our Shima machines over the years. Seiky (measures 3/5/7/8/12/14 for a total of 70 machines) thanks to this policy our structure has remained agile and light, able to meet customer needs and a competitive management cost.